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When we look at Lisbon, the city of 7 hills, we tell ourselves at first glance that it’s not as “bike-friendly” like that. Indeed, the sinuous landscapes and the slopes can discourage more than one. The tram rails, as well as the cobblestones that litter the streets, are quite dissuasive for those who would like to cycle in Lisbon. When in fact, the city is well designed to ride. Indeed, several bike lanes have been created for a few years now to allow Lisbon people to move quickly and economically. Because yes, the installation of these cycle paths also responds to an economic interest (the country having been often affected by financial crises) and to travel by bicycle is the most inexpensive solution. Since then, Lisbon has recently become a European city where cycling is within the reach of everyone following the construction of numerous infrastructures. This has allowed many tourism players to benefit from it as is the case with our company RideLisbon

Since 2018 we have been offering bike tours to discover the Portuguese capital. Our initial idea meets a growing need on the part of travelers to travel economically, quickly and above all environmentally friendly. Because yes, the majority of travelers no longer want to do things like everyone else and visiting a city by bicycle has become in recent years a great alternative to conventional modes of transport. Going to tourist places by bike has all its charm. No more long waits at the tram or bus stop to get to the monuments, no more being seen as a simple tourist aboard a double-decker tourist bus. Thanks to RideLisbon, you can explore the city with locals, to feel like a real local. Our philosophy is to show you the city like no one has ever shown it to you. Everything you learn during our tours, no books or website speaks about it because who better than the locals to tell you about the local culture and live in Lisbon.

See Lisbon like a local, with a local

bike tour Tagus river Lisbon

Indeed our number 1 priority is to bring real value to the bike tour. You can learn about the history of Lisbon and its monuments, but what about the local culture and the situation of its inhabitants? No one can explain it to you better than a local guide who lives in the city. 

One of our objectives is also to make you discover the history of the city chronologically. As with a book, you don’t start at the end or the middle. Well on our bike tours it is the same. 

Alfama, the heart of Lisbon

viewpoint from graca lisbon

We start our tour at the very beginning of Lisbon’s history, that is to say in the Alfama district. Located in the center of the city, this district is a must during a stay in Lisbon. The atmosphere is very special because here everyone knows each other, everyone talks with everyone and that for centuries. Formerly a bastion of the Moors, this district today represents a village inside a city of 2 million inhabitants. 

We also recommend a more extensive visit to the neighborhood during a day trip.

Bike in Lisbon safely

Outside the Alfama district, the rest of our route is on a 7km long bike lane. This cycle track opened since 2010 connects downtown Lisbon (Cais do Sodré) to Belém. It is a track intended only for bikes and separates from the road so it is very safe to ride a bike there. It provides access to the tourist district of Belém. It is the best option to get there.

Reach out Belém in the nicest way possible with the best bike tour

From Belém, you will be amazed by the number of monuments per sqm2! This district is known worldwide for being the starting point for the largest expeditions around the world. These expeditions have enriched the country, evidenced by the monuments built at that time: the monastery of Jeronimos and the Tower of Belém. But that’s not all. The district is also known for being the cultural place of the city. There are about 10 museums there! As with Alfama, we recommend that you also spend half a day there during a day trip because there are many things to do in Belém. 

The advantage of opting for a bike tour with us is that you will not have to look for any kind of transport to get to Belém. Because from the city center most tourists will opt for public transport (tram 15) and you can imagine that this tram is constantly full. So if you don’t want that, take one of our tours. This will allow you to see the city differently. 

Following our visit to the Belém district, we will return to the city center where we started our journey, without break, a pure 45-minute ride along the Tagus. Because yes, the goal of our tour is also to be able to cycle quite simply. This responds to a real expectation of our customers who during a bike tour wants to know the history of the city, its culture, the current situation but also to take a bike ride. It will be the perfect time to exchange good advice between travelers and also to ask our guides for the best places to eat, go for a drink, etc. Do not hesitate to also ask them at the end of the tour to head to the best restaurants in the city. 

If you want to know more about the tour and the places visited, click on this link.

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